Bergwind Dunk Highs

This surf inspired Dunk was a project given to us from a surf/skate store by the name of Bergwind in Brazil. The word Bergwind means mountain wind. Normally a phenomenon of Africa that happens when a hot dry wind blowing from the mountainous interior hits the coast. The dunk high features blue skies and monstrous waves depicted on both sneakers. Also featured is the Bergwind logo on the lower back  along side the red Bergwind pattern. The front top toe represents water from above, and the toe cap features beach-like sand that complements the shoe all together.

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These shirts came to life because our run in with the powers that be at one comic company many of us grew up loving. Long story short, they made us “Cease and Desist” two of our most successful and innovative custom creations due to what they claimed was copy write infringement. In response to the set back, we have released the “Cease and Desist” pack of custom dunk highs, and now with the release of the these shirts we have reached the close of one chapter in Diversitile’s book. The shirts speak for themselves and echo the mantra that drives us forward, and helps us to keep writing chapters in our book. We only hope that people will press forward with the same diligence in whatever their passions and ideas may be, because while a good idea is “Unstoppable”, it takes the one that has it to keep it that way.All pre-orders will have FREE SHIPPING, so get yours while you can. To order please visit our online shop at

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Venom II

Here’s the Venom II






Nightmare Box

So we don’t normally get requests for just boxes since we are a custom sneaker/clothing company, so this was an exciting project. This custom box was of course inspired by Nightmare on Elm St. The Box features some key elements that the character is known for: textured burned flesh, green and red sweater, and a metallic D logo representing his blades. The only thing missing is blood splatter! The box slides open to add that eerie coffin feel to top it off.

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Official Desist Dunk Release

The second custom to launch based off the Cease and Desist package is the Desist Dunk high. These are the last of the theme to officially launch with led lighting. They feature a cleaner look, being mostly white fused with cool and darker grey panels with silver accents on toe, and faded details. The light on the tongue is round with a cool blue/teal glow to it. Both custom runs with have matching premium tees to complete the outfits. One being black on black for the Cease Dunk and one white on white to match the Desist. Be on the lookout for these and also contests and raffles like the one we have going now. If you buy a tee in our store, you will be entered in a raffle to win one of 3 custom pairs of kicks valued at $400! See here for details.

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Its Official! The New Online Store is up and running. Featuring our very first line of exclusive t-shirts! Check it out, and get your hands on one of the new t-shirt designs and be “Fresh” for the new school year, or for whatever you have going on this fall. This is just the beginning!

Official Cease Dunk Release

So finally, we have the official drop of the Cease Dunk highs based on a “familiar” concept we did in the past. These Dunks are one of a two part series dubed “Cease and Desist,” the Desist which should be releasing soon. The Cease Dunks feature black suede, leather, and gunmetal panels with silver accents. The gunmetal also has a patent leather texture to it, giving an interesting feel to the shoe. The tongue also features a purple LED light capable of 200+ hours of non-stop use, and easily accessible battery compartment. If you want a pair get in touch with us and be on the lookout for an onslaught of customs, our new clothing line, new custom runs, and our website revamp!

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