Bergwind Dunk Highs

This surf inspired Dunk was a project given to us from a surf/skate store by the name of Bergwind in Brazil. The word Bergwind means mountain wind. Normally a phenomenon of Africa that happens when a hot dry wind blowing from the mountainous interior hits the coast. The dunk high features blue skies and monstrous waves depicted on both sneakers. Also featured is the Bergwind logo on the lower back  along side the red Bergwind pattern. The front top toe represents water from above, and the toe cap features beach-like sand that complements the shoe all together.

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Parents Should Know These Facts before Buying a Nerf Gun for Kids 

“It’s NERF or Nothing!”

This classic NERF catchphrase ended up being an ideology the kids from the 90’s blindly followed. As a kid, there was no feeling stronger than the weight of a NERF gun in your hands with the business end pointed at your best friend. With a long, very colorful history starting in the late ’60s, these guys have been supplying kids with guns loaded with foam-rubber ammunition, and they’re still going strong. Nerf has given every 12-year-old kid who yearns to play with guns not just the ultimate toy weapon but an entire neon arsenal. But some parents are cautious before buying their kids, especially boys, these toys. Although it’s debatable if playing with toy guns make kids predisposed to violence, parents should know these facts beforehand.


NERF Guns are safe.

It is made up of a polyester resin that reacts with another compound in the presence of CO2, which then becomes a freakishly light polyurethane material. This means that a NERF dart won’t puncture the skin or kill someone if you shoot them in the face. They come in every shape and size imaginable! The reason they are so popular is that they are harmless.

They are expensive

Their most expensive products go for over $500. Annual revenues under the Nerf brand is approximate US$400 million. So it is up to the parents if they want to shell out huge amounts to satiate their kids’ hunger for violent games.

Although safe, Nerf Guns can be tricky

The weapons, which fire spongy ammo designed not to hurt children, are clearly risky — as CU-Boulder police Chief Joe E. Roy emphasizes in an op-ed penned for the Colorado Daily. Cops treat any emergency call about a gun as if the weapon was genuine, even if the “Nerf” descriptor preceded it. In 2007, Alfred University in upstate New York underwent a two-hour lockdown after a faculty member reported a student with a weapon that turned out later to be the best Nerf gun. A similar report prompted a police response at the University of Maryland last year. Complicating all of this are two dangerous trends: one in which Nerf guns are painted black to look like assault weapons and another in which real guns are painted to look like colored toys.

Guns violence in schools on a rise

Although there is no direct relation between Nerf guns and boys doing violence with actual guns, the fact cannot be overlooked that kids as young as 10-year-olds are accused of shootings in classrooms. Since 2013, there have been at least 190 school shootings in America — an average of nearly one a week! When it comes to American children being exposed to gunfire, these shootings are just the tip of the iceberg. A report by the Urban Institute showed that in the single school district of Washington, DC, there were at least 336 gunshots in the vicinity of schools over a single school year. And school shootings have long-term impacts on the school community as a whole: a recent analysis of school shootings found that those involving a homicide reduced student enrollment in the affected schools, and depressed students’ standardized test scores by nearly 5 percent.

In the end, take a note with a professional.  Dr. Michael Thompson, a clinical psychologist and author of nine books, including “Raising Cain, Protecting the Emotional Lives of Boys,” takes a straightforward approach to the issue of play versus violence. “People always ask me about the problem of ‘violent play’ and I say, ‘There is no such thing.’ Violence is violence; it is meant to hurt people. The play is play. It is fun and consensual. If you see children trying to hurt each other, you should stop it. If you see children having fun, you shouldn’t interfere, even if you don’t like the themes of the play.” As parents, one most need to teach their kids about gun safety and, most importantly, respecting human life. But one also need to let them play. Boys will be boys.


These shirts came to life because our run in with the powers that be at one comic company many of us grew up loving. Long story short, they made us “Cease and Desist” two of our most successful and innovative custom creations due to what they claimed was copy write infringement. In response to the set back, we have released the “Cease and Desist” pack of custom dunk highs, and now with the release of the these shirts we have reached the close of one chapter in Diversitile’s book. The shirts speak for themselves and echo the mantra that drives us forward, and helps us to keep writing chapters in our book. We only hope that people will press forward with the same diligence in whatever their passions and ideas may be, because while a good idea is “Unstoppable”, it takes the one that has it to keep it that way.All pre-orders will have FREE SHIPPING, so get yours while you can. To order please visit our online shop at

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7 Problems with Electric Smokers

In the world of a meat lover, smoking it is one of the go-to options for preparing meat. Smoking the food adds a distinctive flavour to the food because of the use of wood chips in the process. With the ongoing evolution of food technology, we have seen smoking devices ranging from Charcoal and Gas smokers to the increasingly used Electric smokers.


Charcoal smoker is the oldest and traditional way of smoking meat. It requires constant attention and tending to. Gas smokers use Propane as the fuel and are thus often called Propane smokers. They are easier to handle and also enable the cook to steam the meat or add other flavours in the process.

Electric smokers, which are most widely used these days are much more user-friendly. They maintain their temperature, release extra smoke or steam whenever required and present the consumer with variety. Despite the many perks, they still have a lot of problems associated with them.

1. Tradition lost
When one thinks of a Barbeque or a grilling session, a typical scene comes to mind: A meat lover in their backyard, leisurely smoking the meat with the smell of deliciousness in the air, pondering over the good old days with their grill. But the electric smokers are anything but traditional. They do not require much effort, and the personal connect is not present.
2. It will cost you
As with most electronics, the device can malfunction or get damaged. Even if the lifespan of the technology is a good ten years, there is always a chance of glitches. Getting the already pricey electric smokers fixed can add up to quite a hefty bill.

3. Smoke rings
Smoke rings might not be a mandatory judge of the cooked meat’s flavour, but it certainly is a desired attribute to be under that bark, in particular for the serious food enthusiast. Getting a smoke ring in the best electric smoker2016 is a highly complicated task, and it is believed that if the ring is important to the cook, they should not go for an electric smoker.
4. Vertical and Horizontal
Vertical electric smokers are not appropriate for the winters if they are not adequately insulated, and it can be quite tedious to monitor the temperature and make sure the heat doesn’t escape too quickly. Due to their durable nature, the horizontal electric smokers can be used in any season, but they take up a lot of space, and this would be a problem for those who do not have enough space at home.
5. Wood Chips
Sometimes the absence of a wood chip pan in the electrical smoker can be a problem. Handling this needs a lot of care. After using foil or a tin can, if one forgets to close the lid, the chips will get too much air and burst into flames, and this would lead to the temperature raising a lot.
6. Health issues
Smoking the meat can lead to a lot of health issues such as Cancer, Stomach infections, Heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, etc. The high sodium content of the smoked meat is also a significant problem.
7. Take care!
Often, believing that an electric smoker is just a matter of ‘Start and forget,’ people can be callous while using it, and this could lead to dangerous situations be it damage to the smoker or the cook. No matter how advanced the technology is, one can never afford to be irresponsible.

So, choose a smoker best suited to you, take care and enjoy your delicious smoked meat!

Set-and-Forget Electric Pressure Cookers: Just a Marketing Gimmick?

The 21st century is all about convenience, especially in everyday activities such as cooking, cleaning, grooming products, etc. We have seen technology giving cooking a new meaning altogether through inventions like the Electric Pressure Cooker, Electric smoker and many more. Not only is the Electric Pressure Cooker said to be the beginners’ favorite (Opinions may vary amongst various consumers), it does not need constant attention that was quite necessary earlier. Its portability is an attractive feature, especially for when one would like to break the confines of their kitchens. The absence of fire along with multiple safety features help make the experience relatively carefree. The easy settings make the appliance quite manageable and simple to use. Plus, electric pressure cookers are relatively more environment-friendly than normal stove top pressure cookers.

As with everything, Electric Pressure cookers do have their disadvantages. The advanced technology makes them expensive. Unfortunately, they are also not very durable and thus getting damaged appliances repaired can add a lot to your bill. Apart from this, these cookers also require more time for cooking than the stove tops.  Even though they are portable, they can only be used where there is an electrical outlet available.

However, one major drawback is the controversial feature, “Set, and Forget”.


We all can agree that cooking in itself is an art form and making art needs devotion. Even though electrical pressure cookers are more convenient than stove tops, they do not, necessarily, cook better quality food. These appliances do not have the human touch required for the art to flourish. They are, hence, appropriate just for simple recipes and not for elaborate dishes.

To get the accurate measurements done is a daunting task. With digital settings, there is not much flexibility leading to a lack of precision, which, in turn, can upset the balance of flavor, sometimes. Often, for a lot of recipes, special precautions need to be taken, before and during the cooking process which is not easy in electric pressure cookers. A lot of dishes often require preparations that are not possible or are quite difficult with these cookers.

The ‘Set and Forget’ aspect of the pressure cookers thus come with certain ‘Terms and conditions’. Still, people buy it because of the false advertising. Life has become fast, and not a lot of people have time for standing in front of the stove for a long time when they could be working, studying or tweeting. Nowadays, people need shortcuts, and they needed them yesterday. The ‘timer’ is everything. The advertisers use this fact to their advantage and make this their focal point. These companies, therefore, appeal to their no-time-to-lose target consumers to meet their sales quota.

What people fail to realize is that because of running after convenience, they are ignoring and preceding quality. They are blinded by the idea of effortlessness and are being disconnected with real food with real flavors. It is of paramount importance to understand that cooking can never be just ‘Set and Forget.’ It is much more than that.

Venom II

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Nightmare Box

So we don’t normally get requests for just boxes since we are a custom sneaker/clothing company, so this was an exciting project. This custom box was of course inspired by Nightmare on Elm St. The Box features some key elements that the character is known for: textured burned flesh, green and red sweater, and a metallic D logo representing his blades. The only thing missing is blood splatter! The box slides open to add that eerie coffin feel to top it off.

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Official Desist Dunk Release

The second custom to launch based off the Cease and Desist package is the Desist Dunk high. These are the last of the theme to officially launch with led lighting. They feature a cleaner look, being mostly white fused with cool and darker grey panels with silver accents on toe, and faded details. The light on the tongue is round with a cool blue/teal glow to it. Both custom runs with have matching premium tees to complete the outfits. One being black on black for the Cease Dunk and one white on white to match the Desist. Be on the lookout for these and also contests and raffles like the one we have going now. If you buy a tee in our store, you will be entered in a raffle to win one of 3 custom pairs of kicks valued at $400! See here for details.

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