I LOVE Fitteds too…

Something I never posted before…

I love hats too!

Heres my collection…I had more but had to give some away and some where just too beat up to even take pics of.

Let me know what you think!


My booth at JUST FOR KICKS in Brooklyn, NY!

This was a couple of pics taken at the Just for Kicks event that took place last month in Southpaw.

Special thanks to my family…OC, Chelles, Shaun El Biscochero and Eloy for holding down the booth in my absence.

Can’t thank you guys enough!!

Thanks to DJ Clark Kent for the shout out!

This year Brooklyn…next year …the world! lol


Pre-sale start soon!
Limited Ed. only 1000 printed!
Scheduled release date is Late October.

We Will be holding a raffle as well…first 100 customers get a ticket to win their own pair of customs!

Drawing will be held on YOUTUBE!

Good luck to all those who purchase and enter to win!

Shipping included for US only ….International orders please Email me before payment.

Sole Junkie on 10 News ABC San Diego

Sole Junkie on the news…and not even on cops! lol

Peep it out.

Drop feed back.

Click on pic.

Retro Dunks

I made these 1 off’s for my man Retro in the MIyAyo!
Good looks on the support…peep my mans music out on his myspace.
Yo son…you smell that sizzling? That’s your kicks!

My man is also holding a contest….peep the link below!


Sole Junkie @ Sneaker Pimps LA

August 1st 2008
LA Crash Mansion
1024 S. Grand Ave
LA, CA 90015
Bring your kicks!

Kobe in Croc

New Kicks I did with faux Croc.

New Book…and I’m in it!

New book about customs with a bunch of international artists…I made a small yet considerable appearance in the book on pg 210! lol

Congrats to all the customizers who made it in the book!


Sole Junkie Tee Shirts

Sole Junkie Tee Shirts

Men and Women

Please Name color and size in your paypal payment!!!!!!!!!!!

Sole Junkie Paints

Sole Junkie Custom Paints!

These paints are to be used on Leather and Vinyl.

When applied properly, these paints will not crack, peel, or chip.

Ready to use and they come in Matte and Glossy.

Please name how you would like your paint in your paypal email along with color list!

For example: 1 red-glossy, 1yellow matte or 1 red G, 1 yellow M

You’ve seen what I do with them…now you try!

1 pc
5 pc