Combined with the original art work these AIR FORCES customised for DJ GOZA are definately packing a poisonous kick. Again HEKStyle delivers outstanding colours that make you dribble as if it were candy…


… wont be needed here on these sparkling clean customs. Simplistic Taz design and a colour scheme of purple, black, white and silver blend effortlessly to give any passer by an eyegasm


Yes yes HEK is back and he’s certainly smashed it. Someone is tearing up the pavement wearing these Incredible Hulk/ Captain America customs.

Fans of HEKStyles bold colour, highly detailed art work wont be disappointed after getting their eyelids round these NIKE AIR FORCE’s.

I needn’t say another word. The shear aggression on the faces of these two MARVEL super heroes says it all…

HEKTIKicks indeed!!




HEKStyle is a graffiti artist dippin’ his fingers into different genres of art from huge wall murals with spray cans to fine canvas art with acrylic and brushes. Renowned for his bold colours and unrivalled attention to detail HEK has brought his talents to create some of the most Hard Steppin’, original footwear we’ve seen and he’s certainly been getting busy. The brand known as HEKTIKicks is rapidly becoming a known name in the world of customs and if your an admirer of all that is individuality then watch this space for all the latest kicks…its going to get HEKTIK!!!

OK so here we go..

if your a kid of the 80’s then your’ll know all about the THUNDERCATS! the roar of LION-O screaming HOOOOOO echoed through the creative minds of every kid at that time… HEKStyles ears were most definately ringing and he thought it only right to turn back the clock with these NIKE AIR FORCE HIGHS. Crazy levels of detail on the outer shoe bring the characters back to life. Determination in the eyes of LION-O and the evil of MUMM-RA clear for all to see… Slick logo design on the inner shoe tying the white of the sole in perfectly… enjoy