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Its Official! The New Online Store is up and running. Featuring our very first line of exclusive t-shirts! Check it out, and get your hands on one of the new t-shirt designs and be “Fresh” for the new school year, or for whatever you have going on this fall. This is just the beginning!

Official Cease Dunk Release

So finally, we have the official drop of the Cease Dunk highs based on a “familiar” concept we did in the past. These Dunks are one of a two part series dubed “Cease and Desist,” the Desist which should be releasing soon. The Cease Dunks feature black suede, leather, and gunmetal panels with silver accents. The gunmetal also has a patent leather texture to it, giving an interesting feel to the shoe. The tongue also features a purple LED light capable of 200+ hours of non-stop use, and easily accessible battery compartment. If you want a pair get in touch with us and be on the lookout for an onslaught of customs, our new clothing line, new custom runs, and our website revamp!

Step Clean!

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El Cappy Customz – Viotech Dunkle Low

I know you are tired of all Unkle replicas customizer did. But El Cappy Customz put it to a new level. I love this pair of dunks. These are the viotech dunk low colors mixed in with the dunkles and it come out beautiful. He did all FREEHAND -no stencils. Unbelievebale. This is what I call a clean work. Give us more of these great customs…

Dezism – Hendrix Experience

Dezism dedicates these custom sneakers to Jimi Hendrix. There is much going on on these, but we really feel the color combination and everything is really clean work. He has also tp practice on customizing boxes.

ABMNATN – Command -N- Conquer

“In Da Army” – Look at this great color combination and that amazing detail work that ABMNATN. This is really a banger. The camouflage pattern and denim look beautiful to the rest of the concept. You have to love these, huh?

tM Customs – Turquoise Highs

You need some fresh pairs of kicks for the summer? So go forward and hit tM Customs. He takes orders on this pair. Very cool color combination! Thumbs Up!

SBTG x Lazy – The Paramount (Just that we also have it here)

There was much hype regarding this shoe and many people were let down seeing the real deal coming out a few days ago.

SBTG & Lazy customized this shoes with Regalia colored selvage denim, olive drab british SAS shemagh, faux Croc leather swoosh and laced with Starks “GRG” laces to complete the look. They were limited to 15 pairs and are sold out!

Desp1 Custom Kicks

It doesn’t have to be always Custom Air Force One riiight? Desp1 one does them all and with all I mean all of the hot kicks out there. Puma Clydes, Adidas Superstars you name it and chances are Desp1 already customized one of them. Learn more about the artist in the following feature.

First things first, when and how did you get started?

I have been an artist/writer for 11 years of my life. At age 12 i took a trip to New York City with my parents, and everywhere i turned i saw scribbles, letters, and characters drawn on walls, something made me fall in love with it. When i returned to Moscow i purchased some sketch paper and tried to replicate the pictures i saw in NYC, I was fortunate to travel to many countries in my life and everywhere i went the first thing i looked for was graffiti. By age 17 my graffiti life came to a halt because of massive legal issues, that made me move my work from walls to canvas. That’s when i started to apply stencil art to T-shirts and learning how to work with fabric paint. About 3 years back i saw some sneakers online that i have never seen before, so i did some research and found out that they where custom painted by Methamphibian and that blew my mind, i could not fathom the concept of painting sneakers so i had to try it. And thats how i got into sneaker customizing.

Why did you choose sneakers as canvas for your work?

As i said i had to try painting kicks after i saw those Meth joints. The reactions i got from my first pair just made me make another one and another one and it just stuck.

Can you remember the first custom sneaker you did? What was it and how did it turn out?

Man thats hard to answer because i did graffiti on kicks before i actually got into customizing so i say the first pair of kicks i did was a pair of beat Nike Mid AF1′ from 2002 with denim checks. What i did on them was a Wild Style of Desp1 on the left side panel of the left kick and a Tag with some splatter on the right panel of the right kick, I used paint markers (graffiti markers) and faded 3 shades of blue in the Wild Style. And my first real custom was a pair of white on white Mid Top AF1’s, and what i did was a Tetris pattern on the toe and heel panels with blue nike swooshes. It turned out ok well it was good for a first custom but it was wack in terms of design, but i got a lot of good reactions from it so that kept me going in terms of making kicks.

What has changed since then? How do you think about customs now compared to back when you started?

Hahahaha everything has changed, the whole game has changed. You cant keep doing same design over and over again you know, you evolve. My approach to making a custom has changed for sure, ranging from the way i prep to how i mix paint to how i design the kicks man everything has changed. You cant be in this game if you don’t push the limits so evolution is a must.

How do people react to you when you wear customs? What do you tell them when they ask you from where you got them?

I think that every customizer will answer this question the same way, people break they necks when they see the kicks we make. I can truly say that every time i wear a pair of my custom kicks i get stopped at least 10 times by people. If people ask me about my kicks the first thing i do is give them a business card and then i explain how i have them you know.

How do you think about the current state of the custom sneakers scene and what do you expect for the future?

Well to me the current state of the game is good, meaning that there are customizers such as EL, EF, Sekure D, Hype, Jester, RobL, and others that are pushing this game to new levels and making kicks that are out of this world. But there is also a lot of cats that are coming out with the same recycled designs over and over again just to make some money and that kills the game. I do customs because i got love for the artistic side of it, im not here just to make a quick buck. I have massive RESPECT for the customizers i named above because they are pushing the culture for everyone not just to make some money.

Yeah, same thing as the streetwear and clothing industry. Copycats kill the game. Can you pick one of your favourite customs you did and describe your inspiration for doing it?

Its hard to pick a favourite custom for me because i love every pair i made, but if i had to really choose i would have to say the Tribe Called Quest Adidas Shelltoe. I love the MM album, the cover art was crazy and that was my main inspiration for the kicks. It was something about the design of the figure with the yellow outline that just had me stuck i loved it.

Do you sell customs? If yes what can people expect ordering from you?

Yea i do sell customs. What can people expect? Lets see they always get treated with respect and honesty, i try to work around the customers budget, we guarantee no reproductions of each order, we work closely with the customers to make sure they get what they want like Burger King lol, but yea we do solid work on time and for good prices, we also ship international and domestic. We also like to receive picture of our customers with the customs they orderd for our photobook.

Do you do any other creative / art related things besides customs?

Dont even get me started, well i am a certified barber, i compose music and write lyrics, i have been breakdancing for 8 years, and im a graffiti artist. That’s pretty much it.

Any last shouts?

Definitely, first of all i wanna shout out my Mother and Father for all the support and love that they give me on a daily basis. Second i wanna shout out my business partners Andrew The Count Christou and Jordan M1N Enskat for supporting and pushing me to new hights. Third i wanna shout out Jester, EL, EF, Sekure D, Ghettro, RobL, Hype, and others for pushing this game to new levels, and giving pointers to new cats like me. So Peace Love and Respect to everyone Desp1 Fresh&Fly Customz

Thanks Desp1, keep up the good work.

Sole Junkie Custom Sneakers

Need any gold on your unique custom Air Force Ones? Sole Junkie aka Steven Cedre Jr. can help you out. In the following interview you will get to know what makes Sole Junkie one of the most passionate and skilled artists out there.

(Iron Man Custom Air Force One – Buy them here)

Yo Steven, please tell us a bit about yourself and your background. Who is this Sole Junkie?

Who is SOLE JUNKIE? Very good question…
I would like to say I am a talented artist that is respected and admired by all. JK..
Well my real name is Steven Cedre Jr. I am of Puerto Rican decent and am an artist. A father and husband. Thats a hard job in itself. I am a graduate of Long Beach State University with Bachelors in Fine Arts with a Specialization in Drawing and Painting.

I’ve been through a lot in my life…like everyone else, but we all deal with our situations differently. My moms and pops both died before I was 13…grandma at 18. So all my role models weren’t available. Not trying to get a pity moment…just saying, some people don’t know what tough really is!

That sounded a bit drawn out….the reason I mention all this…is because this is what makes me, ME! I don’t ever quit…regardless! I figure if my path could help out someone else…why not mention it.

First things first, when and how did you get started with customizing kicks?

Thats a funny story…
It was an accident. Literally and accident. I came home from my boring 8-5 suit and tie job. This day I was mad tired and wanted to hang out with my son when I got home. But being tired I went into his room to just chill on his floor and watch him play till I mustered the strength to get my lazy ass up.
Well my son being my son…was jumping on the bed. He slipped, fell out of the bed and landed on my head. The way I was laying on the floor lead him to land on my head and pop out 2 discs in my neck!
Damn that hurt!!!!!!! Well after that I couldn’t lift my head from my chest for like 2 mos. I lost my job and health insurance. Shit was looking bad.

Well my brothers in NY where like man you can paint and there are these cats out here airbrushing on kicks for some change. Why don’t you paint some kicks. I did the research and did my first pair. They said to put them on myspace….and BOOM! A customizer was born!

Obviously it wasn’t the worst decision you made, looking at your current work and success. Why did you choose sneakers as canvas for your work?

Like I mentioned …sometimes life makes its own decision for you. I actually do have canvas work. I was picked up by a gallery in Long Beach. Gallery 33 East. You should check them out online. Good work.

Can you remember the first custom sneaker you did? What was it and how did it turn out?

Yeah I remember my first pair. As a matter of fact…still got them! They beat up as hell, but they are my lil treasures. They were of Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos…a Puerto Rican Hero. Red, Black, Grey and White on a pair of AF1 Lo’s.

They were the catalyst to who you see now. When I put these up online…Bobbito Garcia was the first to order a pair and then he put them in his magazine “Bounce!” Talk about a luck! lol

What has changed since then? How do you think about customs now compared to back when you started?

I think I’ve evolved to an extent..I started with a simple colors and color ways. I then tried to do what seemed the most challenging to me. Portraits. i found it really hard to capture someones “Likeness”. I think it safe to say I’ve mastered that now. Now I feel like I can do anything. Still trying to step my game up with each new design. I can use real 23k Gold and make my own paint. I feel I still need to make more challenging projects….The day you feel comfortable is the day you become irrelevant!

How do people react to you when you wear customs? What do you tell them when they ask you from where you got them?

People really bug out when they see my kicks. I get positive responses for them. I love it. Its gratifying and just feels good. When they ask where did you get those and I tell them I did it…lol I get the funniest look. Like as if to say damn you look like a convicted felon, but you are definitely talented! lol
I get the same work at my newly acquired 8-5! I don’t dress for my age…still wear fitteds and kicks. lol When they find out that I can “COLOR” lol They are like. “So your a painter…nice….do you do houses? lol I say, “No I paint shoes and canvases. They say. “OOOOHHH, thats nice.” lol I work in a Law firm. lol Its funny as shit. Priceless!

Lol. I imagine a lawyer seeing his first pair of custom kicks not really knowing what to say… How do you think about the current state of the custom sneakers scene and what do you expect for the future?

The current state of Customs? I look at it like Hip Hop was in the begining. We are the Grandmaster Flashes, Furious 5, Africa Bambata’s and Kool Hercs of this movement. Still underground and a sub-culture. Its exciting to see where it will go from here. I would like to say that I made a contribution to this artform as well as make a substantial career out of it. Don’t know yet. What I do like is that there are so many artists out there doing it big. Different styles and perspectives.

What I don’t like is that I feel Customizers don’t stick together as well as other genre’s of art.
Everyone got top secret recipes and techniques. That shit is funny to me. Everything people do is a learned behavior. Very few have invented a new wheel.

I think if we come together as a whole, motivate and spread each others names around we will open doors that would never have been opened before. From hobbies to CEO of companies. Why not? If your going to be a monkey be a gorilla! Don’t half ass shit…make it big. Thats what my stand is and goal is.
Look at Skateboarding, BMX, Hip Hop, Surfing, etc…everything started with a love and passion. Now they live well and eat off their love. I want that too!

Yeah, I agree with you. You see that in many Hip Hop influenced areas. People try to keep their competitive advantage and sometimes forget to think about the whole movement. Sneaker fanatics spend big bucks on limited Nike releases that are not that special besides being limited. Maybe at some point they get it and spend that money on truly individual kicks. Custom kicks.

Can you pick one of your favorite customs you did and describe your inspiration for doing it?

I think my favorite pair was Tito Puente AF1 lo’s. They are the first shoes I put Diamonds on. Not CZ’s Diamonds! I am a fan of the underdog and unsung heroes. I loved his music and the doors he opened for others. He was also of Puerto Rican descent which made me even prouder. Still got those as well! lol

tito puente custom sneaker

tito puente custom sneaker

Do you sell customs? If yes what can people expect ordering from you?

Yeah man I sell my customs. Most of my work is now commissions. Which sometimes takes away from your personal work, but very welcome in the paying bills section of life! lol You can expect an ill pair of kicks from Sole!
I want you to be as proud of your shoes as I am making them for you. Whether it be portraits, patterns, gold, color ways….my joints are to be attention getters. I sew my own labels onto the kicks and they come with a disclaimer on them. Seriously…it says;
“Disclaimer: Not responsible for broken necks or hurt feelings!”
Yall customizers…don’t bite this one…lol

Do you do any other creative / art related things besides customs?

I do it all…I paint on canvases, walls, kicks, hats. Anything that has art in it …I do. For example, Martial Arts and Culinary Arts….I can get down in the kitchen! lol Iron Chef battle anyone?

Any last shouts?

A super big shout out to anyone that has ever purchased/ordered a pair of my kicks…thanks for letting me live off my art. I can not thank you guys enough. A thank you to all the publications, books, blogs, websites and anyone who has provided a platform for us artists to display our vision. Last one….to all the customizers and friends that have been there and given me feedback, help, advice or just been real cool to me. Thats what its all about.

If you had to think about if you were a friend and why I didn’t mention you….your probably not a good friend!


Here is how you can find Sole Junkie online. He has a blog here at, his myspace or his own site.1